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About us

 KBR Magneto Ultd. was founded in 1991 and aims at providing professional technical consulting, mainly focusing on applications of magnetic materials and other special alloys for electric and electronic devices.

The Research and Development Office MAGNETO Ultd
involved in implementation activities in the fields of:

  • soft and hard magnetic materials, inductive components for power electronics and telecommunications, e.g. chokes, current switches, transformers, magnetic amplifiers ( Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co ),
  • electrical, microwave, optical, pneumatic and hydraulic slip rings ( Schleifring und Apparatebau GmbH ),
  • inductive elements based on magnetic cores produced in powder technology,
  • monitoring system of distributed network isolation "SuperintendR"( MUUNTOSÄHKÖ OY - Trafox ),
  • promotion tools utilizing element suspension in magnetic field (Magnetic Suspensions Ltd).


ul. Czecha 19A lok 35
42-224 Czestochowa
Tel./Fax: +48 34 364 20 66
email: magneto@magneto.pl