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  Validity: up to 30.09.2017 or up to the moment we hold at stock.
Item data code
price around (EXW)
Core T60004-L2080-W436 2016
        44.00 $/pc    
Current sensor  T60404-N4644-X201  2015
 12.90 $/
Current sensor T60404-N4646-X112 2015  
  9.00 $/pc
Common Mode Choke   T60405-R6166-X019

  2.60 $/
Common Mode Choke T60405-R6166-X017 2015 
   2.79 $/pc     
 Transformer T60403-M5024-X002 2014 
             1.09 $/pc             
 Current transformer T60404-E4629-X007 2016
2.00 $/pc
 Current transformer T60404-E4658-X039 2011
1.70 $/pc

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The aim of R&D MAGNETO Ltd. is to meet producers in the range of magnetic materials and inductive elements. 
This mission is realized not only by sales activities but, first of all, by a scientific support and engineering consultancy. You can find in our offer a wide spectrum of components dedicated to the power electronics, automatics, telecommunications, automotive industry, railway engineering, welding technology and industries in which the separation of magnetic impurities is needed. We are the sales representative of VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG.


We have in our offer the book (in Polish) "Magnetic materials in engineering" by Marian Soinski and proceedings of the "9th International Workshop on 1 & 2 Dimensional Magnetic Measurements and Testing"



Inductive components

Inductive elements can almost be found in every electronic device. First in power supply units, measuring instruments, UPS's and control modules. Modern inductive elements, manufactured inter alia by Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG, are in our offer: magnetic cores current...

Magnetic materials

Owing to the arrangement area size of atoms, magnetic materials are divided into materials with the following structures: * crystalline * microcrystalline * nanocrystalline * amorphous   Fig. 5. Range of atom arrangements and corresponding with them types of structures (source:...


Aspirations for miniaturization and increase in device efficiency have lead to a search for magnets with greater and greater energy densities. The figure below shows the development of magnets   Fig. 7. Change in energy density (B.H)max of magnets within the space of recent hundred...


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