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About us

Magneto Ltd. was founded in 2006 and began his production several months later. The creation of the Company has tended towards the implementation of our development of research and the development of our technological achievements connected with the production of magnetic cores and their protection against degradation as result of the external mechanical stresses (for instance, when the epoxy resin used in the production of electric equipment shrinks). The protection also applies to wound cores and stacked magnetic cores made of electrical sheets (used, e.g. in medium voltage measuring transformers).

As regards amorphous and nanocrystalline tapes, we are experienced in producing and creating quality characteristics of whole magnetic circuits. It is worth mentioning our scientific and production achievements that we use in stacked nanocrystalline magnetic cores in power electronics, which weigh much more than a few dozen kg. Furthermore, having our own tool-room, we can offer modern solutions in regard to induction heating, with the use of Fluxtrol® magnetic flux concentrators, which leads to the shortening of the industrial processes and significant electric energy savings.

The foundation of the Magnetic Research Centre in 2012 enables us to broaden both our and our clients’ implementation offers. Magneto Ltd. employs approximately 20 people with the highest professional qualifications, including two professors and a few PhD’s.


ul. Odlewnikow 43
42-202 Czestochowa, Poland
Tel./Fax: +48 34 360 22 72
email: rdzenie@magneto.pl